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Meet our company

Founded in early 2003, NK SPORTS was created to serve with excellence in the career management of professional soccer athletes. Since then our focus has been on brokering the careers of these athletes with global clubs, especially in Latin America, Asia and Europe.
Our vast experience in management of athletes and our partnerships with major football clubs in the world places us as a market reference today.
In fulfillment of expansion project of activities, the company is starting a new first stage in Brazil, which will be a great opportunity for young talents of various ages, both male and female. This initiative comes from a structuring and professionalization in basic categories, necessary to meet the increasingly demanding markets, providing the young athlete, from the first contact with the selection process, the proper training and all the necessary support, so that we have Jewels shining on the lawns all over the world.


Training, sharing experiences, applying education and sports values ​​to athletes.


 Always work in partnership with schools for athletes.


Add sport and education and culture.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Our address  

T- 399-4112
Nagano-ken Komagane-shi Chuo 1-3 3F Japan  


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